Associación Jakon Rate creates educational spaces and opportunities to practice, learn, and transmit the ancestral wisdom of the Shipibo-Konibo to future generations for the collective wellbeing of life in the Amazon Rainforest and beyond.

JAKÓN             RATE
/hɐ.kũn/          /ɻɐ.tɘ/
life-true          on the exterior-of the neck
‘good’              ‘shock’ or ‘surprise’

jakon rate: a life-giving good surprise

Jakon Rate is the Shipibo-Konibo name of the Great Grandmother healer Manuela Mahua Ahuanari. It literally translates to ‘a life-giving good surprise’ and truly embodies the potential of her wisdom and actions, also the potential of working together in reciprocal right action for a thriving planet. Read more…

The Jakon Rate Center for Shipibo-Konibo Studies

Our mission is to create natural, clean, and safe environments for traditional practices to be remembered, regenerated, relearned, and shared throughout the Shipibo-Konibo Nation and the Global Community.

We aspire to see intergenerational transmission of the Shipibo-Konibo cultural memory and wisdom for the defense and wellbeing of the Shipibo-Konibo Nation, our families, our sovereignty, and the land we call home. Read more…

Noya Nete Traditional Samá

The Shipibo-Konibo practice of samá or ‘dieta’ is the most profound method of traditional education. It is a spiritual and therapeutic practice of isolation and abstinence foods and energies while making an intentional connection with the energy, consciousness, or spirit of an ally plant.

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Bakebítimis Midwifery Apprenticeship Program

The ancestral prenatal care, birthing practices, and postnatal care of the Shipibo-Konibo and other Indigenous cultures are at the roots of their nations’ well-being. Experienced elders like the Shipibo-Konibo bakebítimis (midwife / OB-GYN) Delia Mahua Perez are crucial to supporting the health of women and children in their communities.

Traditional midwifery and female reproductive health practices must be passed on to future generations to ensure safe childbirth for future Shipibo-Konibo generations. Read more…

Jakón Jói Language Program

A living language is a spoken one! Jakón Joí is an intercultural group of native Shipibo-Konibo, Spanish and English speaking enthusiasts who offer Online Group Immersion Classes.


Our lessons cover both everyday spoken Shipibo-Konibo as well as traditional medicine vocabulary, while planting the foundations of this beautiful life-giving good language, message, word or voice. Jakón Jói!

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To realize our vision will require a lot of dedication and support. The best way you and others can help and be part of this mission to regenerate and maintain the intergenerational transmission of our Indigenous wisdom is to come and participate in a traditional samá or a week or longer period of deep cleansing and energetic balancing. If you feel inspired to do this, please see our schedule.

Please make a monetary or material donation to help foster the creation of The Jakon Rate Center for Shipibo-Konibo Studies a reality. Every bit helps and it is possible to set up monthly recurring donations that are tax deductible for USA citizens or you can donate directly through PayPal.

We dream to see a world in balance with with the Jakón Néte, ‘the life-giving good environment’ to foster regenerative growth and wellbeing.

Inspired and guided by the great grandmother Manuela Mahua Ahuanari and the essence of her true name, Jakon Rate – ‘A Life-Giving Good Surprise’, Asociación Jakon Rate is dedicated to helping current and new generations learn and practice the Shipibo-Konibo culture with educational workshops, courses, and traditional samá to deeply reconnect with with the plants and animals from the forests and rivers of the Shipibo-Konibo homelands –through life-giving good shocks to the system– to help us reconnect to our source enegy. Jakon Rate!