Associación Jakon Rate creates educational spaces and opportunities to practice, learn, and transmit the ancestral wisdom of the Shipibo-Konibo to future generations for the collective wellbeing of life in the Amazon Rainforest and beyond.

Inspired and guided by the great grandmother Manuela Mahua Ahuanari and the essence of her true name, Jakon Rate – ‘A Life-Giving Good Surprise’, Asociación Jakon Rate is dedicated to helping current and new generations learn and practice the Shipibo-Konibo culture with educational workshops, courses, and traditional samá to deeply reconnect with the plants and animals from the forests and rivers of the Shipibo-Konibo homelands –through life-giving good shocks to the system– to help us reconnect to our source energy. Jakon Rate!


Jakon Rate and our family live on 26.5 hectares (65 acres) of land 8 km from the cities of Yarina and Pucallpa. It is a raised peninsula of forest and farmland, which extends into the natural floodplain between the oxbow lakes of Cashibococha and Yarinacocha. Our family lives at the entrance along the northeast side. House by house and garden by garden we are building community and home.

There is a deep well (112.5m / 369ft) and a large water tower with a 10m / 33ft observation deck. The well provides delicious potable water for drinking and washing. Currently there are 11 small private houses that serve as each student’s sámati xóbo. They are all located further back on the land, isolated from each other and our family homes.