Authentic Shipibo-Konibo Plant Dieta

What is a dieta?

The Shipibo-Konibo practice of samá or “dieta” is the spiritual and therapeutic practice of isolation and abstaining from ingesting and interacting with certain foods and energies while making an intentional energetic connection with the consciousness or spirit of a specific plant.

samá as an action refers to the time spent in isolation, fasting and restricting energies, to facilitate the connection and communication to receive, practice, and master special healing skills. A samá also refers to an object, which can be viewed as the energetic body of an individual, and their level of mastery over their own energetic balance and the energetic connections they may have with Master Plant allies.

The Shipibo-Konibo tradition of samá is a discipline of time-tested practices that allows individuals to heal and to learn directly from one’s own conscious intention together with the physical chemistry and conscious energies of plants. The samá is a communion with medicinal teacher plants. It is sung that the ancestors of the Shipibo-Konibo initiated this practice 200,000 years ago by sitting with a plant in fasting meditation until a communicative connection was made.



The samá practice can lead to genuine healing through naturally balancing the body, mind, spirit and energy. While the medicinal properties of plants can help one address physical components of an illness, the meditative and spiritual practice of the samá promotes a more profound and lasting healing by helping one to recognize and resolve the root energetic causes.

Lessons are taught spontaneously throughout the course of the samá through meditation, traditional ceremony, and dreams; even after the period of samá in isolation has ended. To facilitate learning and healing one must have discipline and strictly follow the requirements, which focus on isolation and abstaining from certain foods and activities. Neglecting these requirements can restrict or end the benefits from a period of samá, or even be extremely detrimental to one’s health and well-being.

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Essence of Love Ikaro

by Jakon Rate / Manuela Mahua

“My experience into the Amazon with Maestra Manuela was simply incredible. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing healer. She is truly a Shipibo master.”

Taylor, Canada.  Workshop Guest.

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