Here at Jakon Rate we normally do not set fixed dates for group stays, yet instead allow you to come at the time of your choosing (and for the duration of your choosing), as long as we have availability. That being said, we receive students to begin stays on Sundays only, and stay-durations are on a weekly basis.

The minimum period of samá we offer is 14 days, an appropriate length for an introductory connection to be made or for one to reconnect with their plant spirit allies and receive new healing and lessons.

New Students


For students who have never taken part in a traditional Shipibo samá before, or students who have never dieted with Yoxán Manuela or Yoxán Robi before: you are required to partake in one week of payanti—physical and energetic cleansing—before opening up a diet.  This includes participating in all aspects of the samá without formally opening or initiating the connection with a master plant, therefore not being required to follow a particular plant’s post-samá commitments. You may then open up a diet for two or three weeks, depending on your desire and availability. You are also welcome to take part in payanti for one or two weeks without opening up a diet (see Programs below for details).


Returning Students


For students who already have samá experience with Yoxán Manuela and Yoxán Robi, or with other members in the Mahua Lineage of the Shipibo-Konibo tradition, you are welcome to select your desired length of stay. If you wish to stay a different length of time than our program options listed below, please select the closest stay-duration and let us know in the Comments section of the Registration Form when you request your dates.

Once you select your program below, you will be guided to begin your registration process, which involves selecting your requested dates. After you request dates, you will begin a screening, assessment, and preparation process. This process includes filling out a questionnaire, having an introductory phone call, making an exchange deposit, and scheduling a preparation session.

Once screening and assessment is complete, we require a 50% deposit of the full exchange upfront to reserve your spot. The remainder of your exchange will be due 1 week before your arrival date. We will not ask for any deposits whatsoever (and highly recommend that you do not purchase plane tickets) until your assessment is complete and you are fully confirmed on our end.


*If you’re a local Peruvian or from any other part of Latin America and need additional financial support to come study with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out to and request information about our Scholarship Program.

**Occasionally throughout the year we will host groups on the land. If you’d like to take part in these group retreats, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the facilitator.

Our Offerings

If you wish to book a stay within the next 30 days, please reach out to us at

1-Week Payanti (Cleansing)

7 nights – 3 ceremonies

Introductory stay


Ideal for first-time participants

$900 USD


2-Week Payanti (Cleansing)

14 nights – 6 ceremonies

Longer introductory stay


Also ideal for first-time participants

$1,750 USD


2-Week Masterplant Diet

14 nights – 6 ceremonies

The shortest samá we offer for returning or familiar students looking to deepen their samá connection or begin learning with another plant

$1,750 USD


3-Week Stay

1 week payanti, 2 weeks of samá

21 nights – 9 ceremonies

Introductory samá for new students

Ideal for students wanting to begin the sáma learning process with us.

$2,600 USD


3-Week Masterplant Diet

3 weeks of samá

21 nights – 9 ceremonies

For returning students

To continue their samá or begin working with another plant

$2,600 USD


4-Week Stay

1 week payanti, 3 weeks of samá

28 nights – 12 ceremonies

Ideal for new students

To step deeper into the samá learning process with us

$3,400 USD


4-Week Masterplant Diet

28 nights – 12 ceremonies

Ideal for experienced students

$3,400 USD


8-Week Masterplant Diet

56 nights – 24 ceremonies

Ideal for experienced students

$6,800 USD


12-Week Masterplant Diet

84 nights – 36 ceremonies

For very experienced students

$10,200 USD


What’s Included in Your Stay

  • Accommodation in one of our secluded, individualized tambos
  • Simple, healthy meals throughout your stay (see FAQ for details)
  • Traditional Shipibo-Konibo ceremonies three times a week
  • Intimate group sizes (maximum capacity of 15 guests)
  • Transportation to and from our center from any location in Pucallpa
  • Consultation with Yoxán Manuela or Yoxán Robi and facilitators before your diet, as well as throughout, per request.
  • On-site facilitation support at any time throughout your stay
  • 1 Preparation Session to help you ground, set intentions, and prepare for your stay
  • 1 Integration Session to support you in transitioning home after you leave
  • The samá begins with a stomach cleansing purgative at sunrise and then an energetically cleansing and invigorating floral bath at noon, followed by the first healing ceremony at night.