I have participated in both regular ceremonies as well as a one month Noya Rao dieta with Maestra Manuela. Manuela is an unbelievable wise loving grandmother, who always gives everyone in ceremony individual attention by singing her very powerful icaros. This is extremely helpful because she really senses what you need at that moment and gives it to you. Manuela opens this safe space where one can go as deep as one needs to go, to then come back, usually feeling so much lighter. Manuela being a female is extra special for me, the feminine energy in combination with ayahuasca is truly magical, and invites one to go really deep in a completely loving and nurturing environment. I would recommend working with Manuela to anyone who is serious about his/her work with the medicine, who wants to get the healing that he/she needs with a pure and very authentic Shipibo maestra.

Sophie, The Netherlands / attendee 10 day jungle retreat

This retreat was exceptional. Maestra Manuela is one of the very few great Shipibo masters left out there. She works with integrity and good heart in total service to healing. The power of her vision and sound blew me away.  She gives a lot of personal attention, singing for a long time to each participant in each ceremony.The retreat was very well organized. I was met at the airport. The retreat centre was with high standard of Tambo, Maloca and recreation area, shower and facilities. The food was  excellent and the staff friendly.The nature setting was beautiful. This brings me to the Organizer and facilitator Jurrien.I thank him for his care presence and solidity  . He was available throughout the journey. He is a very experience dieter who speaks shipibo and has his own beautiful and sophisticated icaros. He is on a very deep journey with his  apprenticeship to Manuela and the traditional Shipibo way. We can easily see that he is passionately dedicated to this calling. He sings beautifully and from his learned perspective is able to answer all our questions. He is steady, grounded and smart and its all wrapped up in a wicked sense of humour. A lot of laughter happened in all the seriousness of the work. Jurrien brother … hope i get a chance to come to another of your retreats soon.

Simon, England.

10 day jungle retreat guest

During my extended diet with Manuela, I have received healings and teachings that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. As a Shipibo maestra with a lifelong history of working with plant medicine, she has an extremely powerful ability to channel Light in a way that is reflective of the loving and devoted grandmother that she is. Every ceremony I am amazed at how she spends time with each individual present, singing icaros that specifically address what that person needs. I am generally very cautious about who I do this work with and am truly grateful to have someone I know I can trust and feel safe with.

Sofia, United States / 10 day jungle retreat guest

I have been privileged to have sat ceremonies with Manuela for over 5 years now.. She is an incredible healer, and the knowledge and wisdom of the plants run back through her family lineage for many generations. She is a powerful healer with the utmost integrity and respect for the medicine and the people that she works with. The opportunity to do a dieta with this woman is an absolute blessing.

Robyn, Australia

My experience into the amazon with Maestra Manuela was simply incredible. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing healer. She is truly a Shipibo master. The vast amount of experience she teaches with was very evident during the dieta as she creates such a safe space inside the maloka with wisdom and compassion. The facilitator Jurrien has been working with Manuela for many ceremonies and the two of them make such a great team. His presence throughout the dieta was huge for me and I really connected with the beautiful icaros he channeled. Jurrien did an incredible job organizing this retreat and everything went very smoothly and according to plan. This dieta was a life changing experience and I felt I learned more during these ten days than in a lifetime. I could not recommend this experience with these two more will definitely be working with them in the future.

Taylor, Canada.

10 day jungle retreat guest

I had many fears before coming for a plant diet to Peru. Something was calling me to do this but I struggled with a lots of doubts. Most of all, I wasn’t looking for another adventure – I needed some real healing. But from the moment I came to the retreat and met Jurrien and Maestra Manuela I knew I am in the right place. I felt very safe and taken care of for all that time. The work was sometimes hard but always very rewarding and beneficial. I feel extremaly grateful that I could work with Master Plant under the warm care of Maestra Manuela and Jurrien. And last but not least – the place where we stayed was just beautiful, rooms nice and clean, food delicious and the staff friendly and helpful.

Zuzanna, Poland / 10 day jungle attendee

In many of the testimonials or reviews the details of the experiences of attending a retreat at Noyanete have been covered. I would simply like to add for the serious traveler who seeks personal freedom and greater understanding of his or herself and the universal heart and breath of life, Manuela and Jurrien are true sources of healing, support, empathy, compassion and integrity in the journeying through ceremony. It is a sacred and gifted opportunity to be able to attend these retreats and I am walk away with deep appreciation for the commitment of these individuals who assist in the healing of humankind. I have left Peru with my own change in consciousness from hurt to healing which constitutes my own relations with the miracles afforded by developing relations with all that is offered at these gatherings.
Deborah, USA

10 day jungle retreat guest